The bold acceptance of CHANGE

The majestic dragon fly. A delicate, intricate insect, which has the capacity to captivate any observant onlooker. Many may perceive a dragon fly, purely as an insect. One which hovers liberally, fleeting between locations above the glistening waters. However, unbeknown to many, this entrancing creature, signifies change, adjustment, transformation, adaptability, maturation, abundance, growth, development and self-realisation. The alteration represented pertains to one’s mental and emotional well-being; possessing and or, acquiring the ability, to understand the evolving existence of life.

Why is the dragon fly so intriguing, you may be pondering, as your eyes peruse these words?

The iridescent dragon fly, is not only remarkable through the apparent gargantuan eyes, spanning views of 360 degrees, yet, it only maintains a life of immaturity. What do both of these characteristics have in common pertaining change?

The dominion of eye size, allows the unrepressed acceptance of mindful capacity; glaring beyond any limitations that life or oneself, may place as an obstacle. Each pair of eyes observes all differently to a neighbouring other. Thus, change to one, may appear unsettling, uncomfortable and cause undesirable anxieties within. To another, change is exhilarating and welcomed, despite the potential upheaval in adjustment.

Whilst the immaturity of life solidifies the virtue of residing in and embracing every moment, inclusive of change. Living life, in this cleansing essence, permits a sense of understanding oneself wholly. Knowing who one is, what one desires, what one’s purpose is, what one does not wish and what one is implementing momentarily, so to live life to the fullest.

Despite the dragon fly occupying a small aspect of space, the creature depicts profound meaning to understand the importance of the progressive and unexpected essence of life chronicles.

As I contentedly conversed with a dear, trusted other yesterday afternoon, the topic of identity surfaced, which pivoted off the concept of change. Change can be understood on a nugatory or substantial scale, whereby the underlying function lies.

A common example we explained affected many within society (albeit trivial in the scheme of things). Packaging is constantly being changed by companies to promote development in their identity / point of difference, to be more modern, stylish or to captivate a wider audience. However, is this how consumers perceive the alteration? Not generally. The outcome; loyal consumers scurry into the supermarkets to delightfully secure their favourite item, to their distaste of an appearance of a new package. Or, they conversely, frantic unease, are not able to locate the item, as their eyes are not accustomed to the new appearance. Eyes fluttering along the entire shelf, legs walking quickly along every aisle and mind racing speedily until the foreign item is grasped in an uncelebrated demise.

An almighty sigh escapes the consumers mouth. Deflated in gait. An unexpected outcome, unnecessary to their eyes, despite the product being identical to the product in the well known, “previous” packaging!

Through this example, one can muster how rapidly it is for change to prevail, for better or worse; for one’s heightened expectations to crumple. Change promotes acceptance. Acceptance, understanding and understanding, continuation. Continuation through acquiring the knowledge that not all remains a constant in life. Nothing is permanent, which may seem unfortunate, albeit true. Alterations eventuate regardless, as no two moments in time are identical. As we, all authentically differ. What an absolute travesty it would be, if all proved exactly the same. If such were the scenario, wouldn’t life feel more mundane than what life may be perceived as currently?

Personally, change proved an arduous challenge for my child self in conjunction with the Anorexic component of my journey. However, as I continued, change included, I realised that change is never to be feared. Recently I awoke with the notion to radically have my hair cut short. I knew I had embarked on this earlier in my journey, yet have been grappling with doing so once again, due to fear ruminating. What was I truly afraid I? Why was I not honouring my authenticity? Subsequently, the next day I pursued the action and could not have felt more liberated. It may appear to be non-courageous (despite altering my entire appearance of what others see me as) and incremental step, although, infinitesimal slides, lead to grand destinations.

Through adjustments, beauty and bright opportunities eventuate. Change may make one feel overwhelmingly fragile, vulnerable and grotesque initially, yet, as any season, change has its uniqueness and essence of blossoming.

How marvellous life is?! The dragon fly is a constant reminder, etched indelibly, in my mind, to widened my eyes, mind and being to accept all whilst cherishing every moment, as if it were created to be the final. Emulate the humble dragon fly, for your wings shall quickly appear, propelling you to blissful flight!

All of my love, thoughts, light + hugs,

Maddie x

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