On Being Me!

Being judged, based on one’s authentic nature, allows one to feel wholly compromised, as categorised as an anomaly. Why do we cast judgements or prejudice remarks? What benefit do the critical words provide us? How do such perceptions improve the lifestyles of any involved? Personally, I do not believe any critical, unwarranted and directive judgements, … Continue reading On Being Me!

The bold acceptance of CHANGE

The majestic dragon fly. A delicate, intricate insect, which has the capacity to captivate any observant onlooker. Many may perceive a dragon fly, purely as an insect. One which hovers liberally, fleeting between locations above the glistening waters. However, unbeknown to many, this entrancing creature, signifies change, adjustment, transformation, adaptability, maturation, abundance, growth, development and … Continue reading The bold acceptance of CHANGE

The microcosm of Comparison.

Comparisons deprive of joy! It is merely human, primal nature to compare oneself to others. How we look, speak, behave, breathe, stand, work...LIVE!! Isn’t this comparison of ourselves, whether such be to others within our family, friendship conglomerates, work place, community spaces (supermarkets, malls, shops, library) or when we haplessly and perfunctorily scroll through our … Continue reading The microcosm of Comparison.


Being purely still. An entrancing state of mindful caress. How is this demeanour possible? Still - in a deluge of alacrity, disengagement, technology, angst, betrayals and judgements. Still - within a society depicting a constant whirlwind. Still - within the confines of one’s imprisoned mind. Still. Yielding substance with a hint of ethereal dichotomy. Cumbersome. … Continue reading Stillness…

Moments of pure, wholesome + delightful gratitude ❤️

Every day may not prove to be a great day for a plethora of reasons that one may either be in control of or not. Despite the daily events, living with an openly warm, all embracing and grateful heart does the world of wonders for holistic well-being; to feel centred and grounded. There are many … Continue reading Moments of pure, wholesome + delightful gratitude ❤️

Walking proud as a lady!

Hello beautiful! #BalanceforBetter ~ International Women’s Day 2019. What does balance indicate? What purpose, significance and substance does the word capture? As women, we consistently strive for balance in our daily life, whether it be associated with family, employment, functionality of the household (ladies, you know what I mean: cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, school drop … Continue reading Walking proud as a lady!

Transformation of Thoughts + the Journey of Enlightenment.

Transformation of thoughts equates to happiness! Feeling endlessly contained within a glass receptacle, has proven to be my preferred, comfortable and introverted abode for as long as I have known. Experiencing a profoundly exhausting inability to shatter the surrounding glass bottle or embark on a ferocious ascent, in order to alleviate myself of the captured … Continue reading Transformation of Thoughts + the Journey of Enlightenment.


Escapism. A word which appears empty, yet captures immense substance, associated with raw, internal feelings, emotions and thoughts. Regardless of life proving generous in particular aspects recently, the overwhelming desire to flea into another realm absent of pain, discomfort, hardship, vulnerability, unease, betrayal, emptiness, as well as cruel words and acts, is a strengthening and … Continue reading Escapism

Mirror, Mirror on The a Wall.

Looking into a mirror can prove revolutionary, detrimental, fortuitous, beautiful and filled with detailed surroundings. What do you observe when you glimpse into a mirror or nearby reflection? Do you glare at your appearance? The imperfections of your being or the beauty of the light you radiate? The surrounding environment? Another bystander or loved one? … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror on The a Wall.

Life Transitions.

✨ Life Transitions ~ Undulating waves erupt upon the sea shore, Flowing seamlessly without hesitation. Smothering each grain of sand, Masking the glistening shells, Migrating inward and outwards, Subconsciously, to its own beating rhythm. Waves illuminated by the shining sun, White peaks flowing, gliding along the coast, With the wind forcing the waves bashfully. Clouds … Continue reading Life Transitions.